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  • Increase revenues and profits
    If you are the owner of an existing Car Wash, as a Partner in the Lavanda Dry network, you no longer need to worry about how much space you have to wash your car in your car wash, nor how much room do you have for manipulating the car, because from today your whole city becomes one big car wash.If you are located in the "business" zone, after the morning rush, you can easily transfer your work to the "residential" zone in the afternoon. And vice versa, if you do business mainly in "residential" zones, you can easily expand your business to large business users through our network. If you are an entrepreneur, with the advanced Lavanda Dry application and modern nano-tech solutions for car cleaning, you can start immediately providing an innovative service at your area and make a profit on every car that passes through your virtual car wash. All you need is to hire a couple of employees and take care of the quality of the service, while we will take care of marketing, sales and signing contracts with large business users, as well as the further development of technological solutions that will increase the satisfaction of end users. Become an Aggregator for self-employed workers. All self-employed workers without their own business should work through the Aggregator. If you need additional employees to work on Lavender Dry jobs, you can simply "hire" these employees on a temporary basis and earn extra money on each vehicle they clean.
  • Optimize resources and costs
    If you already have employees who are not optimally utilized during the day or week, at a time when there is not much work at your primary business location, you can very easily include them in the Lavanda Dry network and generate additional income from their work, which you already pay through a fixed fee anyway. salary. You can purchase all consumables, towels, cleaning cloths, cleaning liquids, vacuum cleaners, bags, etc. yourself at retail prices or you can purchase them through the Partner program where, due to the common size, we purchase all of the above at wholesale purchase prices that they can be up to 20-30% cheaper than retail prices.
  • Increase sales of your other services
    In Phase 2, which is coming soon, through the Lavanda Dry application you will be able to offer your other services related to Auto detailing, for example polishing, dry cleaning, etc., which Lavanda Dry does not offer as part of its services.
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