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Image by Christopher Burns

Digital company

Lavanda Dry is first and foremost a technology company that develops Applications that improve the user experience.


Our mission is to use the potential of new technologies to save our users time and money and eliminate processes that do not add any added value, such as going to the car wash and waiting for the car to be washed.

Ecologically aware

Car washes are one of the largest consumers of water resources in the world.  Each car wash in a classic car wash consumes between 130-150 liters of water, which on an annual level comes out to over 1,000 liters per car.


Our mission is to become a company that has saved more water resources in Croatia. 


Protect our natural resources too!

Image by S. Tsuchiya
Image by Laurie Decroux


We are completely mobile and come to any of your locations.


Just let us know where you are and one of the Lavanda Dry specialists will come to your location by scooter or bicycle.

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