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Welcome to
Lavanda Dry

Change the way you keep your vehicle clean forever.  From now on, all you need is the Lavenda Dry application.

We come to your address

* The service is currently available in Zagreb. We are working hard to soon be available throughout Croatia


How does the service work?

Lavanda Dry services are available in 5 simple steps via the Web or Application.



Select your location

Enter the location where you want to clean your car

APP Screenshot - Adresa.PNG


Select the car size

Choose Regular for small and medium size vehicles or SUV and SUV 7-seats for large vehicles.  Select VAN (Kombi) for extra large vehicles

APP Screenshot - Tip Vozila.PNG


Choose a service

You can select between Komplet (In&Out), just Exterior or just Interior cleaning.


Select desired time & date

From the Calendar select your preferred time & date and press next.



Confirm your order

Select your payment option (Cash, Credit Card or Invoice), check your order summary and click Confirm (Potvrdi)


Now, just sit back and relax.  Next time you see your car it will be all shiny and clean.  Enjoy!






Select your payment option (Cash, Credit Card or Invoice), check your order summary and click Confirm (Potvrdi)


Choose a wash tailored to your car

Standard Komplet


  • External nano tech wash

  • Tires extra shine

  • Windows

  • Interior cleaning

  • Vacuum

  • Removing garbage from the vehicle

Premium kit


  • Standard Complete package, plus:

  • Removal of minor scratches (Meguiar's X-Scratch)

  • Protection and dressing for plastic surfaces

  • Skin impregnation

  • Deep seat cleaning (not a substitute for chemical cleaning)

  • Brushing and deep washing of car carpets

  • Interior perfuming

Exterior wash


  • External nano tech wash

  • Tires extra shine

  • Tires and Rims

  • Exterior windows

Kemijsko čišćenje


  • Premium Complete package, plus:

  • Standard chemical treatment of the seat (without removing the seat from the vehicle)

  • Standard chemical treatment of ceilings and floors

Interior cleaning


  • Interior windows

  • Interior cleaning

  • Vacuum

  • Removing garbage from the vehicle



  • Lacquer decontamination

  • Varnish polishing

  • Headlight polishing

  • Note: The service is charged per element

Lavanda Dry Reels

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Lavanda Dry is extremely proud of its quality of service and customer orientation.

A large number of multinational and domestic companies have trusted Lavanda Dry to clean their vehicles. 

Be part of the innovation!

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Where are LAVANDA DRY services available?

Our services are available in a wide area of the city of Zagreb, and soon we will be available in the rest of Croatia as well.

Due to safety regulation and safety of our Staff, at certain location we will unfortunately not be able to provide our services.  At the link below check the availability of our services.

All in one place

Lavanda Dry for Partners and Staff

Lavanda Dry is a fast-growing innovative company that offers numerous opportunities for additional earnings to our Partners or Servicemen who want to work full-time or completely flexibly only when it suits you.


With the Lavanda Dry application and modern nano technologies that do not require water, your entire city becomes a virtual car wash without limits. Become a Partner or join our team as a Servicer and be part of the innovation!

Partner 3- Ado.jpg

Lavanda Partner


Lavanda Staff


About us...

Lavanda Dry: Combination of
Technologies and Innovation.

Today's modern technologies such as Mobile Applications and innovations in the field of nanotechnology have the potential to completely change the way car cleaning services work.


Like Uber, which forever changed our habits of using taxi services, or Wolt and Glovo, which completely changed the way of food delivery with their Apps, Lavanda Dry will also change the way car cleaning services are consumed.

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